Inspiring Women China


This campaign serves as a foundation for our gender equality and women’s empowerment work across all areas of our work. Through the campaign, we are supporting schools to draw on locally available community resources (largely through speaker opportunities) to help raise the aspirations of younger generations, particularly girls. 

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Combat gender stereotypes by inspiring girls to consider jobs outside of those based on traditional gender roles, empowering them to be change-makers by raising their aspirations in education, in the economy, and in society more generally.


Thought Leadership” to set agendas and provoke public debate;
School Talks” to inspire the next generation through volunteers;
Volunteers Network” to provide learning and sharing opportunities for volunteers;
Marketing and campaigns” to raise public awareness and grow the volunteer network.

Thematic areas

Arts and Creativity




Inspiring Women China recommends three exciting and innovative formats to engage students:

Career Insight Talks: Teachers invite a volunteer to give a talk/presentation to students about the job they do, their career and education pathway. This can be followed by Q&A.

Career Speed Networking: Teachers invite a group of volunteers working in a variety of jobs and sectors to participate in networking Q&A sessions with students helping answer their questions and providing insights into different careers.

Subject Talks: Teachers invite a specialist professional to talk to students in a subject lesson, increasing their enthusiasm and their understanding of how their work at school will help them later in life. For example, a teacher invites a scientist to talk about their job as part of a science lesson. 

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