Meet the Gardeners of the Expo


Pip Probert
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Pip Probert is a garden designer based in the north west of England. Over the last 15 years, she has built 35 show gardens at various different events together with her team, “but no-where quite as glamorous as this". This was a garden designed for a family with lots of big open spaces for the whole family to enjoy or to entertain. Also that anyone can just sneak off and have a little bit of privacy on their own in one of the smaller little rooms within the garden. So that was the main theme throughout really.

Thomas Hill
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Designer Thomas Hill has a significant passion for origami and the inspiration of his garden drew from that. “As a child, I was introduced to origami by some Japanese students. So they made these really amazing animals for my sister and I. And as you can imagine, as a child, this captures your interest. So I bought myself a book, or my mum bought me a book because I was too young, and for several years I made loads of origami”. Now, as a designer, he’s able to transfer this passion and create a garden, and inspire a garden for Beijing for the expo.

Gavin McWilliam
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Garden designer Gavin McWilliam has taken part in the Chelsea flower show four times and was very fortunate to win gold in 2017. “So we’re looking to bring that expertise and planting knowledge and that design style to the expo, as it’s the first time we’ve done anything with a show garden as I understand”. His garden is essentially called ‘drift’ and is about the movement of people, the movement of plants, the movement of ideas, and this idea of cross fertilisation and also breaking down of visible boundaries essentially.

Sheena Seeks
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Sheena Seeks is from Edinburgh, Scotland. “I started off as an artist, a painter and then did ceramic sculpture, which strongly influences my garden design work. All the design I do is generally conceptional work”. The garden she has designed is called the ‘Flowers of the Forest’ and it’s about the degradation of the natural forest, and she hopes to present that forest for the future.


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