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When it comes to education, the UK has a global reputation. From progressive teaching techniques to world leading research, it’s easy to see why thousands of international students choose to accelerate their learning and careers in the UK every year. 

World-leading teaching, world-class research

The UK is renowned for its academic excellence.You will be encouraged to develop your creativity and critical thinking, providing you with stimulation from day one. 

The UK is home to 29 of the top 200 universities in the world and you will find an exceptionally high standard of teaching and research across the country, leading to qualifications that are recognised around the world.

With more than 50,000 courses on offer from the UK’s 169 universities and more than 600 other higher education institutions, it’s easy to find a course to suit your interests and aspirations. Whatever you study, you will benefit from a range of innovative learning environments and state-of-the-art technology.

More than 270,000 international students begin studying in the UK every year, and 90 per cent of them are satisfied with their UK education.

Immerse yourself in inspiration

The UK’s multi-cultural society will ensure you receive a warm welcome. Beyond your campus lies an experience that will shape you just as powerfully as your studies will. You will soak up an exciting, rapidly-evolving culture, from the UK’s historic legacy to world-famous music, arts, fashion, film, and sports, not to mention a wealth of travel destinations. 

Whether you’re tasting international street food or expanding your horizons as part of a student society, you will be joining a vibrant community. What’s more, with 33% of UK university staff from overseas, studying in the UK will enrich your communication skills, your confidence, and your world view from the moment you arrive. 

Great careers start in the UK

A UK education makes graduates stand out in the competitive global job market, with courses that are tailored to equip you with the expertise required by employers. 

As one of the world’s top countries for industry-university collaboration, you will have access to practical placements, internships, and other work experience opportunities designed to help you hit the ground running after you graduate into the professional world. 

Many languages are spoken in the UK, but the one you’ll be immersed in is English, providing you with a great opportunity to improve your grasp of this global language. By immersing yourself in one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, your confidence and communication skills will develop, no matter what you’re doing. You will graduate with the skills you need to make an impression anywhere in the world.

No matter what you're passionate about, the UK is a fantastic place to pursue your interests, both on and off-campus. 


Keen to get started?  Visit our subject highlights page to explore some of the subjects most popular with our international students, and use find a university to search for UK universities or colleges that teach your chosen subject. 


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