Peppa Pig “Happy Family Carnival” Spreads Happiness Across China


Beijing, China On 20th August, the first Peppa Pig Happy Family Carnival in China was held at the UK Pavilion of the Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition. Families attending the event were pleasantly surprised that for this occasion, Peppa Pig brand owner Entertainment One (eOne) had brought to life the iconic ‘jumping in muddy puddles’ scene from the show! Hundreds of children and their parents enjoyed themselves, jumping and laughing in the huge muddy puddle.


This Peppa Pig Happy Family Carnival was jointly held by eOne, the British Embassy and the UK’s Department for International Trade. The event was aimed at encouraging parents and their children to participate in outdoor activities and get close to nature, and above all enjoy quality family time together.


On August 20th, the most favorite part of the children was that hug muddy puddle. In order to celebrate the opening of the Peppa Pig Happy Family Event, the organisers custom built a 100 square metre muddy puddle, the first of its kind in the world! Hundreds of children and their parents wore special muddy-puddle-jumping boots and T-shirts to participate in the muddy puddle jumping party, and of course got quite messy in the process!


“It is really amazing to be able to join everyone on the day of August 20th to witness the first Peppa Pig Happy Family Carnival in China. It is hoped that through this event, everyone will think about spending more time together as a family, participating in outdoor activities, and getting close to nature.” Frida Ling Zhang, Vice President, Marketing–China Family & Brands from eOne said, “We especially arranged this muddy puddle jumping party, which is the first muddy puddle jumping event of its kind in the whole world, to celebrate this first Peppa Pig Happy Family Carnival. What better moment is there that shows the happiness of families together than the Pig family in Peppa Pig all jumping in muddy puddles together! We hope it helps remind everyone that, like Peppa, they should put on their boots before jumping in muddy puddles - but the most important thing of all, of course, is that everyone has fun!”

In addition to the huge muddy puddle, the event featured various interactive activities for attendees to take part in. In the company of parents, children spent a wonderful summer afternoon drawing pictures, playing games, blowing bubbles and meeting new friends. 

“Since entering China, Peppa Pig has been enjoyed by millions of Chinese families. This is an extraordinary testament to British creativity and education, and it is great to see Peppa across the world at the UK’s Garden and Pavilion in Beijing today.” Said Richard Burn, Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for China


Peppa Pig has attracted millions of children and families through its harmonious family atmosphere and humorous storylines. The Peppa Pig Happy Family Carnival stems from the same simple concept of celebrating happy moments with family and friends. In the future, the Peppa Pig Happy Family Carnival will be held regularly so as to share this experience with more and more families around China.


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