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UK Garden and Pavilion at 2019 Beijing Horticulture Expo

Address: International Gardens, Yanqing District, Beijing

Aerial shot UK Garden

UK Garden and Pavilion at Beijing Expo 2019

Travel By Car

During the Expo, visitors can take Jing-Li, Jing-Zang, Jing-Xin and Jing-Yin expressways to the site. Jing-Li expressway has an exclusive expo lane for visitors at rush hours.  

Travel by Bus

There are six Expo Bus Express routes operating during the expo. Express 1 runs on a daily basis while Express 2, Express 3, Express 4, Express 5 and Express 6 only run on weekends and holidays. A single trip is priced at 16 RMB. The Express starts picking up visitors from stations at 7am and ends at 9pm. The closest gate is Gate No.1 after getting off the Express.

Expo Bus Express 1 (Subway Zhuxinzhuang Station - Expo P3), is a regular route for the 162-day expo. Visitors can take subway Line 8 or Changping Line to Zhuxinzhuang Station to take Express 1.

Expo Bus Express 2 (Subway Bei’anhe Station - Expo P3). Visitors can take subway Line 16 to Bei’anhe Station to take Express 2. 

Expo Bus Express 3 (Subway North Tiantongyuan Station - Expo P3). Visitors can take subway Line 5 to North Tiantongyuan Station to take Express 3.

Expo Bus Express 4 (Subway Jing’an Bridge Station - Expo P3). Visitors can take the Maglev S1, 6 to Jing’an Bridge Station to take Express 4.

Expo Bus Express 5 (Subway Xi’erqi Station - Expo P3). Visitors can take subway Line 13 or Changping Line to Xi’erqi Station to take Express 5.

Expo Bus Express 6 (Subway East Liuliqiao Station - Expo P3 ). Visitors can take subway Line 9 to East Liuliqiao Station to take Express 6.

Visitors in Yanqing District can take regular bus, such as Y44、Y20、Y4、Y9、Y10、Y46 to the Expo site.

Parking Information

The Expo site can accomodate a total of 8,736 cars and 1,528 buses in the regular parking area. Visitors can park their cars at P1, P2 and P4. Tourist buses should use P3 and BH3. P6 is reserved for staff.

Taxi drop-off is at P4 and it also provides 20 fast charging stalls for electronic cars. Parking fees can be paid through Alipay, WeChat pay and other online payment methods. 10 RMB for cars per visit and 20 RMB for buses per visit.

If the regular parking area is full, visitors can use P7, P8A, P8B, P8C, P9 parking lots which are slightly further. The site offers 3 free shuttle bus to commute from P7, P8 and P9 to the regular parking area.

Shuttle Bus 2: P7 - P3 (close to Gate No.1)
Shuttle Bus 3: P8A, P8B, P8C - P3 (close to Gate No.1)
Shuttle Bus 4: P9 - BH3 Temporary Bus Hub

5 RMB for cars and 10 RMB for buses in P7, P8, P9. 

More information please visit Beijing Horticulture Expo 2019 Offical Wechat.

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